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    Whether you have a luxury limo that needs to shine like it did in the showroom, a beloved classic that deserves genuine TLC, or a fleet of hard working vans and trucks that need regular cleaning as part of their maintenance we are the guys to go to.

    About Us

    Townsville Car Detailing Specialists are the car valet and commercial vehicle cleaning experts in town. We offer valeting, car wash, and interior and exterior detailing for everything from priceless classics that require painstaking personal attention to commercial vehicles where being spotless is part of the company image. It’s not just about appearances either. We clean the accumulated road dirt that clings to the under sills of cars and threatens corrosion in the long term. We seal paintwork to keep it looking good for as long as possible. And we clean engines and engine compartments because we know that’s the best way to spot any fluid leaks or carbon deposits in hard working vehicles that can’t be allowed to grind to a halt.

    Our Services

    The key to all our services is quality.  We work mostly by hand because we know that there’s no better way to treat delicate paintwork and to polish to a shine. That said we have a full range of steam cleaning tools for everything from floor mats to engine compartments because we chase grease and stains out of cracks and crannies normal car washes don’t even look into. We deal with top of the range supercars and hard working trucks because we understand our customers’ needs and tailor the services we provide to match their requirements, their budget, and their schedules.  We come to you so your vehicle care is taken of while you’re free to get on with the million other things you have to do.  The following are just some of the things we do so if you’re not sure you see what you’re after then drop us an email or pick up the phone and let’s talk about what you’re looking for and where.

    Mobile Car Wash

    The beauty of a mobile car wash is that it comes to you where you want it and when you want it. That could be at home with your car being professionally valeted without even leaving your drive, or it could be at your workplace so you end your working day and return home in a beautifully detailed vehicle. Wherever and whenever you want your vehicle valeted all you have to do is get in touch with us by phone or via this site and we can schedule your service to fit in with your schedule.

    Interior Car Detrail

    If you think interior car detailing means a quick scrub of the carpets and emptying the ashtrays then think again. Sure we scrub those carpets if they need it but there are a number of techniques we can bring to the party depending on the materials. We typically remove floor mats for steam cleaning and can use dry clean techniques for fixed twist carpets and others. We use saddle soap and leather cream to restore leather work on trim or seats, vacuum everything, dry everything, leave the windows and dash gleaming and sign off with just a hint of appropriate perfume.

    Exterior Car Detail

    A full exterior car detail goes well beyond the idea of washing. As well as the cleaning itself we use clay bars to clay paintwork (or fibreglass) to remove even microscopic particles that can affect the eventual finish of the shine. We wax, with as many coats as are needed and we buff it to a fine shine with paint sealant to help preserve that full showroom look for as long as possible. Windows, mirrors, and tyres get the full treatment and the result is an as-new look.

    “One of the reasons I bought an old Jag in the first place was for the smell of wood and leather inside and Mobile Car Wash and Detail Townsville mean that the old girl doesn’t just look great, she smells great, and they know how much that matters.” – Dan L.
    Mobile Car Wash and Detail Townsville come when they say, do what they say, and charge what they say. What’s not to like?” – Susannah K.
    We expect our utes to take a beating out there on the road but that doesn’t mean don’t take care of them and Mobile Car Wash and Detail Townsville do a great job not only of cleaning the inside and outside but also the engine, the brakes, and the under body.” – Sarah V.

    Full Car Wash and Detail

    You need the works? Of course. Whether that’s because you’re looking to sell a vehicle or you know you would be enjoying life that much more if you were at the wheel and in the comfort of a properly cared for vehicle that looks good and smells good. We can do that and we can come to you to do it just when you want and where you want. If you’re further North QLD we recommend our friends @ Car Detailing Rockingham, and over in WA – Mobile Car Detailing Perth.

    Ceramic Coat Paint Protection

    Unlike traditional coatings and protection, which are typically concocted from polymer resins, a ceramic coating is silicon dioxide (SiO2) based. It is normally derived from quartz crystals and sand, silica creates an invisible “nanotechnology coating,” which when joins force with elements like titanium dioxide, polysilazane, triethanolamine, water, becomes very resilient. This then turns into crystal-clear shell, a product that is commonly known as a nano ceramic coating, or ceramic coating for short.
    A ceramic paint protection not only offers super-strong protection, but a hydrophobic/water-repellent elements too . This transparent layer of sealant is UV resistant, repels road grime, and prevents scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and swirl marks damaging the car. When properly applied and cared for, this semi-permanent shield will last for a long time, requiring very little maintenance ongoing.

    Starting @ $800 –  get
    in touch for a quote!

    Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

    Valeting sounds like it’s a thing for luxury cars, executive machines, and classics but a lot of our customers appreciate our professionalism and thoroughness when it comes to taking care of their commercial fleets of tough trucks and hard working utes. That’s because they can’t waste the time to take their vehicles to be washed whereas we schedule our mobile cleaning for just when vehicles are idle.  Our cleaning means your customers will be impressed, corrosion is kept to a minimum, and your maintenance people will not only be happier, they will be able to work faster and more efficiently because they can see what needs doing.

    Car Detailing FAQ

    Is it worth detailing a car?

    Car detailing is a great way to help increase the resale of your vehicle value but improves the aesthetics and allows you to drive around and be proud. A complete valet can make your vehicle look as good as new when done by someone who has experience in cleaning cars, so you get a tangible return from putting money into a detail.

    What does a car detailing include?

    Car detailing is the art of cleaning and restoring a car or vehicle to like-new condition. The process is labour intensive but more thorough than a standard car clean, and is often segmented into interior and exterior elements, as well as engine cleaning.

    Exterior detail includes Wash and dry, Paint Claying, Polishing and wax job. Still, it can involve trim repainting, glass chip repair, engine clean, headlight polish, bumper repair, and paint touch ups as well.

    Interior detail involves scrubbing and brushing of surfaces and seats, vacuuming, glass cleaning, leather trimming, steam cleaning and perfuming.

    How much does it cost to detail a vehicle?

    Basic car detailing or valeting costs around $50 to $140 for an average-sized car and $75 to $150 for a larger SUV. The service includes a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, mirror and trim and tire clean.

    However, a full car inside and out detail requires attention to detail, taking more time and effort to make the car back to new condition. It targets all stains, marks, and imperfections. Detailing also will focus on waxing and polishing. This will also include a through wipe and clean of interior as well and can cost you between $150 and $500 depending on the vehicle size and level of clean you go for.

    Is car detailing worth it?

    Car detailing keeps your car looking fantastic and brand new, which not only increases the resale value but boosts your pride of ownership. A complete detailing can make your vehicle look as good as new when done by professionals. That makes worth the cost. It also helps you look good in front of friends and family in your fresh vehicle!

    What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

    Valeting is the premium service that focusses on repairing and restoring the bodywork and interior of a car.
    Car detailing is when you thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

    Does detailing repair scratches on my car?

    If your car has minor chips and scratches, the detailers can apply touch-up paint to cover them up. However, in case of severe damage, you will need a full paint and clear coat, which is then subjected to sanding and waxing and will have additional costs involved.

    How often should I clean my car?

    We recommend you wash your car every two weeks generally at least. However, you can wash your car every week, depending on how dirty it gets. If you live in salty areas where it’s a rainy climate, you may need to wash your car more often. Salt corrodes metal causing rusting and dirt splashing from puddles will soil the car quicker.

    How long does it take to detail a car?

    This really depends on how dirty the car is as well a car’s size, and how thorough the clean is.
    For a full interior and exterior detail, it takes an average of 1-2 hours. However, for a car that isn’t excessively dirty could take longer. If you were doing an inside and out of a caravan, with full interior vacuums and polish, this would take 5-8 hours.

    Contact Us Today

    The whole point of mobile car detailing and car wash is that we come to you when it suits you and where it suits you so the first step is to get in touch and talk about what you’re looking for, the services we offer, and the time and place you’d like us to come and deliver. So pick up the phone or drop us an email now and let’s talk. Partner Sites
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