Full Car Wash and Detail

It’s probably not something you’re going to need to get done weekly – unlike your basic car wash service – but there are times when nothing but a full car wash and detail will do.  There are the practical ones, like when you’re looking to sell a car and want it to look its best so you can get the most for it. Then there are the purely selfish ones, like putting a car back into commission after it’s been sitting collecting dust for a while. Or when you’re going to be spending more time in a car than usual (road trip anyone?) and want to enjoy every minute.  Or there are simply those times you want to impress others, or indeed just make yourself feel full on happy. Because a full wash and detail is more than just cleaning; it’s more like a trip to the beautician for your car and that just has to feel good.

Exterior Wash and Claying

The first thing to understand is that this is not like a quick machine wash in the drive through. Not only is the washing done with huge care to ensure no scratches, no smears but we get into all those areas a machine wash won’t including the door sills, the recess beneath your fuel cap cover, the disc brakes, and the details of bodywork and bumpers.  More than that we also clay the bodywork with clay soap and bars to pick off even microscopic particles that can otherwise endanger your paintwork.

Wax, Polish, Seal

Cleaning is only part of the story. We then apply wax and buff off, then repeat the process to ensure the most perfect polish job. We can apply paint sealer as part of the process to ensure that your paintwork doesn’t just look great for a day, but for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Interior Detailing

Full interior detailing means full vacuuming and polishing of interior glasswork, dash, and doors. But it also goes beyond that with brushing and dry cleaning of fabrics, removal and steam cleaning of floor mats and the loving treatment of leather seating with leather cream and saddle soap. Meaning that your car interior is about to be probably the best place you can imagine spending time in right now.  That’s how it should be if you’re going to be in your car for a road trip, or simply love your machine enough to want nothing but the best for it.

Finishing Touches

The other key thing about a full car wash and detail from us is that we go the extra mile and take care of those details that a standard car wash just won’t. From choosing the perfume for your interior to detailing the rubber of your car tyres to ensure a rick matt colour we ensure that your car will be perfect from one end to the other and top to bottom. Book your own full car wash and detail right now and show that special car just what it means to you.
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