Townsville Car Detailing Specialists are the guys to go to if you value your vehicle, it’s as simple as that. Sure you can a car wash clean for a very reasonable price, or a neighbour’s kid with a chamois and a bucket can be a bargain if you’re not bothered about smear marks or new scratches. But if want you want is a professional car valet service that will restore your beloved car to full showroom condition and help protect it against future wear and tear then you should be talking to us. We can schedule to come to you so that you don’t waste your precious time driving to a car wash, waiting, and then hanging around while the job is done. We can detail your car with a thoroughness you wouldn’t imagine, steam cleaning carpets, saddle soaping leather, claying the paint, and waxing and sealing for perfect paintwork. We do all of that and we do it professionally meaning we don’t put damp mats back into cars (a big mildew no no) or pressure wash electrical components, or scratch paintwork with rough rotary movements when a precise side to side is what is required. We will clean your car or commercial vehicle with as much care and love as you would, protect it for the future, ensure there aren’t any leaks you should know about, and go the extra mile with detailing for the interiors, the brake discs, the tires – the lot. Which you’ll be equally grateful for whether you’re aiming to sell it, or aiming to keep hold of it for a very, very long time.
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