Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

The cleanliness of commercial vehicles is often the last thing on your mind when you’re running a business, and who can blame you? They are workhorses, out on the road all hours of day and night so of course they are going to pick up grime. It’s just a sign that they’re working hard and your business is doing well, right? Well maybe, but what our customers tell us is that in any area of industry, even the less glamorous ones and the muckier parts of agriculture a dirty vehicle may be accepted as normal, but a clean one still gives the impression of professionalism. Both as motivation for your staff and the impression it gives to clients a clean commercial vehicle says loud and clear that you care and you’re cutting corners. Which is why we get so many calls to clean commercial vehicles.

Protecting your Vehicle

As well as looking better a clean vehicle is likely to enjoy a longer and more productive life.  Cleaning off dirt from the under body and inside the door sills and engine compartment means that it’s not left there to build up and risk corroding body panels or sensitive electricals. Cleaning engine compartments, wheels, and disc brakes often reveals fluid leaks that would be missed in a dirty vehicle and that can save accidents or maintenance issues further down the line. Clean windows, inside and out are an obvious smart move in terms of safety.  When it comes to the end of that vehicle’s working life with you the fact that you took care of it will be recouped in its resale value too.

When and Where you Want

You’re busy running a business and your vehicles are mostly out on the road which is another reason why you should get in touch with a mobile service like us. We tailor our time slots to yours so that if you have vans or trucks that need cleaning you don’t have to waste time or pay drivers to get them to the wash and then hang around. Instead you can see when they have downtime idling back at base and have our detailers come to you to clean them where they are. That’s got to save time.

Exterior Cleaning

You’re probably thinking that a quick wash is all you need but with vehicles doing heavy work you’ll be grateful for choosing more than a quick once over with a mechanical wash.  Door sills and engine compartments need to be washed with care if the wash itself isn’t going to do more damage than good.

Interior Cleaning

Fair enough if you think the last thing you have to worry about is the vehicle interior but again that’s your property and the better care you take of it the better condition it will be in come resale time. Obviously our commercial customers don’t ask us to use saddle soap on their leather seating but they do want a properly cleaned interior. We clean just as much or as little as you want, when you want it, where you want it.
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