Exterior Car Detail

There are those companies that use the word ‘detailing’ when really they just mean a car wash but we know better than that. Washing your car is great, and should be regular event, sure, but all that does is take care of removing the obvious build up of road grime from the outside. Real detailing not only takes much more care to get into the gaps and cracks but also goes two steps beyond. The first is that it aims to leave your car looking better than it did when it left the showroom – gleaming. The second is that it takes the long term approach and aims to protect the outside of your beloved vehicle in the future.  Our full detailing doesn’t just focus on the bodywork – we like to go beyond that and ensure that even the brake discs and the tyres themselves are detailed to look and function as well as they possibly can.

Washing and Drying

Unlike a car wash a full detailing means working by hand and that in itself means a better quality of wash and attention to detail. We hand wash your car with professional cloths that won’t cause scratches and we will get into the wheel arches and the gaps between bumpers as well as the door sills and other areas that are inevitably missed out altogether by a standard car wash machine. Once we’ve washed we chamois dry all the exterior in the traditional manner so there are no smears or drip marks when the car dries – just a beautiful, gleaming exterior.


Claying is a process mostly used on paint but in the right hands a clay bar can also be used to produce beautiful results on glass, fibreglass, and metal so claying is the next level for pretty much any vehicle when washing. Claying is done after the car is washed as the clay removes contaminants that won’t be removed with normal washing.  Clay lubricant and car detailer’s clay are rubbed over the bodywork in a precise motion (no rough to and froing or circular gestures) to remove microscopic particles that would otherwise prevent a perfect wax and polish.


Waxing and buffing are what makes that car gleam. We apply a generous amount of our showroom-grade wax but for the best results we apply it in thin layers that we then buff off gently but firmly to leave a perfect shining waxed and washed body that will really look as good as new. The polishing is done with a microfiber cloth for the gentlest and most thorough results. It take a little longer but it absolutely won’t leave smears or even the tiniest of scratches on your paintwork.


For the long term protection of your car we can also use paint sealants so that the bodywork doesn’t just look great but will actually be stronger than before which means it will just look better and better every time we wash and detail it.
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