Mobile Car Wash

We do all kinds of car washing and detailing for all kinds of clients but the service we’re probably most proud of is our mobile car wash and detailing. That’s because we love what we do and with the mobile service we can tailor it to exactly what our clients need. Which makes us happy because we get to deliver the breathtakingly quality of results that make us feel good about what we do. So get in touch and ask us about dispatching our qualified car detailers to you.


It goes without saying that the key benefit of mobile car wash is the convenience factor. The knowledge that you don’t have to come find us, or even move your beloved car one inch is a liberating feeling.  It’s also cost-effective if you consider for a minute that your time is precious and when you factor in the time it takes to drive to the car wash, then hang around for the time it takes for a full wash and detailing then drive home you have probably lost a couple of hours and that’s not allowing for any queuing. With mobile, scheduled car detailing you can have the job done while you’re at work and drive home in a beautifully prepared car. Or have it done without your car even leaving the drive.


Convenience is what leaps to mind first when people think about the benefits of a mobile car wash but quality goes hand in hand. Think about it. At a standard commercial wash they process two cars an hour. That means your car gets an hour of attention. If we send two detailers to you for two hours your car gets four man hours of attention and that difference shows in the results. Try it and see.

Where we Operate

As the largest urban area north of the Sunshine Coast Townsville covers a pretty big expanse but then we have the means and the dedication to cover a lot of ground as part of our work.  We’re pretty flexible about travel, particularly for our specialist clients who call us in from miles away to deal with the vehicles they don’t trust to normal car detailing services. Not sure if you fall within our catchment area? Give us a call and we’ll see you right.

Advance Scheduling

Instead of a car wash where you turn up and take your turn (and let’s hope you get lucky with the number of other car owners waiting for service) a mobile car wash is a personalised experience which means it is entirely built around you and your timetable. Part of that is the ability to schedule a car wash in advance for exactly when it suits you. Get in touch with us by phone or by email and you’ll find that you can book a slot for exactly the time that suits you best and our detailers will appear on time for the duration promised.  You can depend on it.
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