Engine Cleaning

There are two kinds of car owners. The ones who are comfortable opening up the hood and pretty sure what’s awaiting them when they do, and the ones who would prefer never to flip the hood up at all because it’s all witchcraft in there anyway. For those who are comfortable opening the hood you should think about engine cleaning because firstly it’s going to look nicer when you do open her up and secondly if you ever even so much as check the oil levels, never mind changing the gaskets then working on a clean engine is always more pleasant.  But there’s also the issue that a clean engine shows exactly when and where there are fluid leaks so you’re not digging around in the baked on grime to find if something needs attention. Even those who never open the hood should think about getting their engine cleaned for the same reason when it finally is time to have some work done.  Plus every car owner needs to think about engine cleaning when it’s time to sell your car because even those owners who normally never open the hood will insist on doing so when they’re deciding whether to buy.

Protecting the Electricals

Grabbing a pressure washer and pointing it at the engine is an understandable response to the greasy mess in there but it is also just asking for trouble. As professional car detailers we will wash your engine until it shines but there is a right and a wrong way.  The first step we take is to protect your electricals including the electronic components housed in the engine bay.  Depending on the car that may mean applying electrical tape or water resistant grease to key points where degreasing and steam cleaning might otherwise force droplets of water into the electricals causing malfunctions.


The next big step is a full degrease which we do manually to make sure that we get into every part of the engine compartment and the surfaces of the engine itself. We use a variety of degreasing solutions depending on the parts of the car different oils and fluids respond best to different solvents and we stay away from aggressive chemicals that might yield rapid results but at the cost of possible long term damage.

Steam Cleaning

You can use pressure to hose off dirt and grease once you’ve applied greaser but as pros we find the most effective and gentlest approach is a steam cleaner to shift all the material that’s built up. Pressured steam reaches places that even a pressure hose can’t and once we’ve cleaned off all the dirt we’ll dry it thoroughly and detail the engine to leave a fine finish.

Under body

While we’re degreasing and pressure cleaning to get rid of the muck that builds up on an engine have you thought of getting the under body cleaned? We know it’s out of sight and therefore usually out of mind but if you’re looking to sell a car it’s another plus point when it comes to making it look her best.  Equally if your looking to hold on to it for the long term then you don’t want dirt to build up on the under body as it promotes corrosion.
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