Interior Car Detrail

Sure a gleaming exterior is what everyone else sees and proper exterior detailing is also part of protecting your prized vehicle. But it’s the inside you sit in and that makes it part of your personal living space. So when we detail a car’s interior we don’t just give it a quick brush – we really go to town to make it perfectly clean but with the care required to ensure that we preserve it in the process.  There are safety issues too – a professionally cleaned glass window gives you a better view than a smeary one and does so better and for longer than just a simple wipe.


Trunk, shelf, seats, headliners, and rear cargo area all need to be thoroughly vacuumed for dirt and dust as well as to control the build up possible allergens. Some vehicles have really hard to get to areas for vacuuming and poorer quality car washes just let that go. We don’t. We know exactly which vehicles cause problems and we have compressed air to get into spaces where a traditional car vacuum can’t go. Then, we re-vacuum to make sure that we’ve got it all.  Plus where there are floor mats we don’t simply vacuum – we remove them and clean them separately.

Brushing and Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming is the key to internal cleaning but in itself we don’t think it’s enough. Mud from boots and traces of oil easily find their way into the carpets and mats of a car and that means careful scrubbing with the right solvents for the stain in question.  Then when the brushing is done the mats and carpets may well need steam cleaning to get them really spotless. Not a problem. We have portable steam cleaning equipment that will ensure the inside of your car is cleaner than the inside of your house. We’re also smart enough to know that putting a damp carpet straight back into a car is a short cut to mildew so we don’t do that. We know how long each type of carpet takes to dry and we ensure it goes back into your vehicle only when it is good and ready.

Leather Cleaning

Proper leather cleaning is an art and uses a leather cleaner, saddle soap and leather soap to get that perfect cleanse while preserving the delicate texture of the leather itself. That’s all the more important if we’re talking about a classic care with older leather where it is imperative to retain the gently aged look as well as treat the material with the respect its years deserve.


Forget those cheap car ‘perfumes’ you buy in the service station. All of those cheap and nasty things you hang from your mirror are little better than toilet cleaner in terms of content and scent.  Proper perfuming means making your car smell like something you want to spend some quality time in. That means you can choose the perfume you want or you can trust us to pick something that really suits the kind of car you drive. So if you’re driving a classic with leather seats then you want hints of leather, wood, and bergamot…. not eau de dunny.

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